Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vintage Fabrics

Don't you get so excited when you go shopping and see that one truly unique piece of vintage fabric or clothing staring right at you saying "Buy Me! I need Love too!" ?
Your heart starts racing, your palms are sweaty, you are so excited that you almost start to jump up and down. You then notice the stranger beside you. You notice that they are looking at the EXACT same spot you are. You also notice that they are also doing a little jig. But then you see that same glimmer in their eyes which makes you panic. Your brain starts to think 'RUN RUN! GET THERE FAST! GET THERE NOW!' Before you know it your feet are moving very fast, you become short of breath, and you have knocked down every bystander. ESPECIALLY that crazy person with the weird look in their eyes.
Your sweaty hands grab it...but uh has slipped from your fingers and has fallen to the floor. You quickly look up. You see that crazy person picking up their pace trying to reach for it. You wipe the sweat from your palms onto your jeans, grab it, and run to the cash register. Your head is thinking 'Sweet victory is mine!!!'. You wait your turn in the line up. In the midst of inspecting it you here 'NEXT'. You carefully place it on the counter. You pay for it, feeling sweet relief. You walk out the doors knowing that you made it out alive. You take it home, not letting it leave your sight. You put it in the washing machine, careful to follow the care instructions. Careful you will not ruin your precious find. You wait patiently until it has dried. You take it out. You do your thing. And then you notice. "WHAT IS THAT???" Your head starts to race. You take a closer look at it. Yup. That is definitely a huge stain that has been embodied in the fabric for what looks like years. Sigh. You think, "What do I do now?"

This is what happens to me every week. I am going to *try* to post every weeks about eco friendly ways to get stains out of vintage fabrics.