Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Eco-Fabulous Seller - Mary Ellen from Mary Zoom Boutique!

Mary Ellen sells handmade accessories that are not only functional, but sustainable.
Her designs are all handmade out of reclaimed natural fiber fabric that is 100% cotton, wool or linen. "As you can see from my shop, I repurpose thrifted and cast-off garments that would otherwise be destined to landfill oblivion."

As for her business practices, she has made the commitment to use what she already has. From Wrist Cuffs made out of recycled t-shirts to felt coasters made out of recycled sweaters, she offers a wide variety of sustainable product.

When shipping her products, she keeps pride in her presentation while still being eco-friendly. She uses sewing pattern tissue for wrapping paper and ties the package up with a pretty bow made from thrifted and reclaimed ribbon. She also makes stickers from out-of-print garden magazines and give them as a thank you gift.

Mary Zoom is currently having a sale from now until August 31. Buy any item from her shop at regular price and receive a wrist cuff wallet of your choice for 50% off PLUS free shipping.

Check her out now!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Eco-Fabulous Seller - Natalie from Recupe Fashion

Natalie from Recupe Fashion recuperates old, unwanted , end of the line stuff and turns them into new and beautiful items. Everything she sells is Earth Friendly. She takes old material and turns them into new items ... now THAT is recycling! She will repurpose everything in order to give a second life to another item. It is beautiful! Her shop has a lot to offer with a large variety of recycled goodies!

You will find Tea Wallets and hankies (made from vintage shirts and sheets), little fabric bags which are great for jewelry storage and gift wrapping (also made from recycled fabrics.) Her headbands and key chains are a unique find made with fabric left overs. "When I make aprons it's the same, I use some shirts, sheets, or whatever I can find that I think will be useful for me in the fabrication of the aprons."

Natalie loves to crochet and offers a variety of these things also. "I love to go hunting to buy some cotton yarn, weather I buy it in balls from left over projects, or take shirts apart. I do roam flea markets and yard sales like crazy and support Etsy shops by buying from sellers who supply what I need."

She also makes silk tie purses with all the silk ties she can come up with. They are her favorite items (and mine too!). She carries some really cute bags made from recycled sweaters and embellishes vintage purses to make them look great again!

Not only does she sell all of the above but loves to throw in spa bath sets every once and a while. Her sets include bath puffs, facecloths/dishcloths, eye make up remover or face scrubbies. With these lovely items comes a bar of soap that she makes herself or buys from another Etsian artisan.

"I create new wonders. Whatever my hands may fall on I will create something from it. I'm always coming up with ideas. Can't stand still, gotta keep busy."

Check her out at

You can see her other two eco friendly stores here

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Friday Eco Fabulous Seller - Rosy Und Posy

Online Etsy boutique Rosy Und Posy is run by a mother / daughter duo from Vancouver Island in Canada (Yay Canada!) This is a boutique that really knows what it is to be green!

They handcraft and sell reusable cotton sandwich and snack bags that are lined with 100% unbleached muslin for a completely 'plastic free' alternative for packing your lunch in.

Not only do they sell these bags but also have cloth lunch bags and silverware caddy's so that there isn't any wasted when you are done your lunch. "Just pack it at home, wash it up and use it again tomorrow *grin*."

With the enormous amount of plastic bag waste that falls into our landfill each year this is a fantastic way to help reduce it. Rosy Und Posy have "Also started making cloth market totes as well out of jute which is an extremely versatile vegetable fiber known for its strength and durability :)"

You really need to check out this store. The bags are really trendy and cute! They also have really cute aprons for any chic who likes to spend time in the kitch!

You can tell that this boutique is passionate about creating a greener way to help reduce plastic waste produced each and every year!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Friday Eco Fabulous Seller - Melody from Kinder Cotton

Melody from Kinder Cotton makes eco friendly baby items. She sells bibs, shoes, burp cloths, hats, hooded towels, washcloths and wipes.

Her items are adorable, super soft and high quality. Most importantly, all of her items are made from fabric that is organic and fair trade certified.
Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Traditionally grown cotton accounts for 25% of the worlds pesticides.
Although fabric with a continence costs a little more, you can be rest assured that 'the people who produced the fabric we paid fairly and not exposed to harmful pesticides, fertilizers, or dyes.'

Melody is a work at home mom who started sewing for her baby when she wanted her to have cute, organic baby products. "I love the creative process and working with the fabrics, which meant that I kept sewing once I had plenty of supplies for her. I know that sewing your own isn't an option for most moms, so I hope that I can provide cute, practical, durable items for your baby, too!"

You can check out Melody's store at
Her prices are extremely reasonable, especially for using organic cotton!