Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Eco-fabulous Seller - Good to Go Eco

Good to Go Eco is a mother-daugther team who have been searching for and creating eco-friendly products to help people live the lifestyle they desire. They make products out of washed, re-claimed fabrics chosen for their design and style.
When they use new materials, they try to stick with organics.

A great example of this are their Cup Cozies. A cup cozie simply wraps around your mug that allows for maximum heat resistance and insulation (and helps your hands from being burned when your cup is too hot!) The awesome thing about this style is that it features an elastic band and button fastener that will fit around many mug handles in all different sizes. Even the buttons used on the Cup Cozies are recycled!

Another great example is their Electronic Sleeves. These are also made from reclaimed fabrics and lined with 100% organic cotton batting. These are great for protecting things such as your Ipods. The protective sleeve is lined which makes it super snug but super easy to just slide your iPod right in.

Their products truly make daily activities and family outgoings a lot easier and at the same time, strive to be environmentally responsible. A shop definitely worth checking out!!

You can find them here at