Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Feature: Eco Fabulous Seller Jason from Conscious Boutique

Jason, from Conscious Boutique has always been into making things.
A few years ago, he began a quest to minimize his personal impact on the earth. This led him to the wonderful world of recycling, upcycling, and making things out of
discarded or surplus items.

His shop features bags made from recycled billboard vinyl and notebooks made from discarded office supplies, surplus paper, and images clipped from old found books.

His shop motto is "Handmade. Responsible." His goal is to think about
every aspect of the things he creates, and to be as responsible as he can
possibly be when creating them, from the materials, to the tools, to
the process.

"My current passion is to reinvent things we use everyday so that they
are made from recycled material. This is something that lots of
eco-etsians have done. Etsy has become the Wal-Mart for recycled
everyday products!"

He happens to live near an amazing source of surplus materials, The
Black Hole ( This is a Mecca of
materials for the nerdy maker of things. "Every time I go here, I am
inspired to create something new, or to use a different material for
something I have been making."

Jason would love to sell something to someone who is not a personal friend or relative. (I think every etsy seller has been there at one point!!) He has great plastic fused mailers that he has made himself from scratch, and is super excited to use them!!

This is a store you really want to check out as there is a lot of thoughtful products. The prices are very reasonable, products range from 5.00 to 40.00. These eco friendly products make some great gift ideas!
Lets show some support to eco-fabulous sellers like Jason! See his store at

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