Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Feature - Eco Fabulous Seller Rachel From Sew Good And Trendy

Rachel makes beautiful, trendy, functional eco friendly bags!

Her mission is “To show the world that environmentally conscious choices can be made without sacrificing convenience and personal style.

Bags from Sew Good and Trendy are as green as they can be. Rachel does everything she can to use eco-friendly materials. All fabrics used in production are natural, organic, or reclaimed. Buttons used for these fabulous bags are tagua (a natural vegetable ivory), reclaimed, or made from other natural materials.

"I even use a recycled soda bottle/cotton mill scrap canvas for interfacing. My bags look beautiful and I hope people feel great using them knowing they have as little impact on our planet as possible!"

In addition to using green materials, her purses come with a reusable shopping bag that is super cute and folds up into a pocket in the bag so you never leave home without one. Her most popular tote/shopping bag is called the Chic Sack. "This bag actually fits onto the typical plastic shopping bag stand for easy hands-free loading. Not to mention the bag is lovely, made from all eco-friendly fabrics, is reversible, and rolls up into it’s inside pocket to make for storage or a perfect travel pillow!"

Rachel also practices her business in a green manner as well. She recycles shipping materials such as recycled paper, tags, mailers, etc.

I love her products! They are very cute and trendy! This is a store you must check out! You can shop for her products at
For more information about her store, product and practices, check this website out!
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