Friday, June 26, 2009

Product Review - Conscious Boutique

After blogging about the Eco Friendly Etsy store, Conscious Boutique, the owner, Jason, was very kind to send me a little gift from his store. I received the coolest notebook ever! I am so impressed! It is so well made! Mine is in a pastel green, and has a lovely upcycled picture of some flower buds and butterflies! It is the perfect size - I can slip it into my purse (the big purse or the small purse LOL!) yet it is still big enough to make notes - whether it be inspirations, important information, or sales tracking for when I am at craft shows!
The packaging it came in too is so unique! It came in a pink fused plastic envelope! Instead of using wasteful tape to seal it, it has been stitched together! It was so pretty and thoughtful that I didn't want to open it!
These little notebooks are not only great for fellow crafters, but would also be great for gifts (everyone always needs stationary!)
A highly recommended Etsy shop!
Check his store out here at
You'll be glad you did!

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Kara Witham said...

Lovely feature. I like the packaging you describe, things that are packaged with such care are extra attractive to me. And his prices are quite reasonable. Nice.