Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Eco-Fabulous Seller - Mary Ellen from Mary Zoom Boutique!

Mary Ellen sells handmade accessories that are not only functional, but sustainable.
Her designs are all handmade out of reclaimed natural fiber fabric that is 100% cotton, wool or linen. "As you can see from my shop, I repurpose thrifted and cast-off garments that would otherwise be destined to landfill oblivion."

As for her business practices, she has made the commitment to use what she already has. From Wrist Cuffs made out of recycled t-shirts to felt coasters made out of recycled sweaters, she offers a wide variety of sustainable product.

When shipping her products, she keeps pride in her presentation while still being eco-friendly. She uses sewing pattern tissue for wrapping paper and ties the package up with a pretty bow made from thrifted and reclaimed ribbon. She also makes stickers from out-of-print garden magazines and give them as a thank you gift.

Mary Zoom is currently having a sale from now until August 31. Buy any item from her shop at regular price and receive a wrist cuff wallet of your choice for 50% off PLUS free shipping.

Check her out now!

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