Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Eco-Fabulous Seller - Natalie from Recupe Fashion

Natalie from Recupe Fashion recuperates old, unwanted , end of the line stuff and turns them into new and beautiful items. Everything she sells is Earth Friendly. She takes old material and turns them into new items ... now THAT is recycling! She will repurpose everything in order to give a second life to another item. It is beautiful! Her shop has a lot to offer with a large variety of recycled goodies!

You will find Tea Wallets and hankies (made from vintage shirts and sheets), little fabric bags which are great for jewelry storage and gift wrapping (also made from recycled fabrics.) Her headbands and key chains are a unique find made with fabric left overs. "When I make aprons it's the same, I use some shirts, sheets, or whatever I can find that I think will be useful for me in the fabrication of the aprons."

Natalie loves to crochet and offers a variety of these things also. "I love to go hunting to buy some cotton yarn, weather I buy it in balls from left over projects, or take shirts apart. I do roam flea markets and yard sales like crazy and support Etsy shops by buying from sellers who supply what I need."

She also makes silk tie purses with all the silk ties she can come up with. They are her favorite items (and mine too!). She carries some really cute bags made from recycled sweaters and embellishes vintage purses to make them look great again!

Not only does she sell all of the above but loves to throw in spa bath sets every once and a while. Her sets include bath puffs, facecloths/dishcloths, eye make up remover or face scrubbies. With these lovely items comes a bar of soap that she makes herself or buys from another Etsian artisan.

"I create new wonders. Whatever my hands may fall on I will create something from it. I'm always coming up with ideas. Can't stand still, gotta keep busy."

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You can see her other two eco friendly stores here

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