Thursday, August 6, 2009

Friday Eco Fabulous Seller - Rosy Und Posy

Online Etsy boutique Rosy Und Posy is run by a mother / daughter duo from Vancouver Island in Canada (Yay Canada!) This is a boutique that really knows what it is to be green!

They handcraft and sell reusable cotton sandwich and snack bags that are lined with 100% unbleached muslin for a completely 'plastic free' alternative for packing your lunch in.

Not only do they sell these bags but also have cloth lunch bags and silverware caddy's so that there isn't any wasted when you are done your lunch. "Just pack it at home, wash it up and use it again tomorrow *grin*."

With the enormous amount of plastic bag waste that falls into our landfill each year this is a fantastic way to help reduce it. Rosy Und Posy have "Also started making cloth market totes as well out of jute which is an extremely versatile vegetable fiber known for its strength and durability :)"

You really need to check out this store. The bags are really trendy and cute! They also have really cute aprons for any chic who likes to spend time in the kitch!

You can tell that this boutique is passionate about creating a greener way to help reduce plastic waste produced each and every year!!!

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